For the best Relaxation and Safety

VENUS SOFT BATHTUB is the ultimate luxury bathtub created by combining high-quality materials and special materials with cutting-edge technology that has been researched and developed for many years.

The bathtub which has urethane foam placed on the inside and a special coating applied in multiple layers, is completely different from general acrylic bathtubs, and has a soft feel and moderate elasticity unique to SOFT BATHTUB.

With this function, SOFT BATHTUB brings various benefits such as excellent heat retention, safety, durability against impact, and comfortable feeling like being enveloped.

In addition, as the saying goes, "Excellent design is brought about by function," the design of VENUS SOFT BATHTUB emits a sophisticated and beautiful radiance through the harmony of distinctive edges and simple lines and curves.

You can feel the beauty and luxury at a glance, and it fascinates the viewer.

In particular, several stand-alone type bathtubs have won numerous world-class design awards, including product design awards which are judged on various factors such as innovation, functionality, ergonomics, ecology, and durability.

It is proof that not only the beauty of the appearance but also the design structure of the function side is excellent.