Development background

The materials of bathtubs that have been used for a long time since people first developed bathtubs were all made of hard materials such as stone, wood, iron, and plastic. Due to the rapid development of industry, modern people have been seeking more comfortable and safer bathtubs for bathtub space.


Also, according to recent data, it was reported that about 65,000 people in the United States and about 14,000 people in Japan become seriously ill or die each year from accidents in the bathroom.


Especially in Japan, the rate of accidents in the bathroom is increasing year by year due to the increase in the elderly generation.



Accidents in the bathroom tend to lead to serious injuries in general, so in order to improve the safety of the bathroom and create a product that can be relaxed and feel safe in the best comforting space, we have spent many years of research and development with limitless imagination without being bound by common sense. As a result of repeated efforts, we have developed a soft tab that is softer, much safer, energy-saving, and cleaner.